This is the official web site of Joseph Ledet and my Ledet Family Genealogy record.

I would like to dedicated this site to our family reunion and my genealogy records

Genealogy Record


My genealogy records are a work in progress. I began doing family when I attended L.S.U. in 1963. This was long before 'ROOTS' made it popular and a vast number of books where printed. Although I have tried to maintain all my records as accurate as possible There are some errors. I have found some records with different dates and different spelling of a name. I tried to maintain the spelling and data as found in resource books. Also much of the data is verbal from relatives and friends. If anyone finds errors please e-mail me the correction at

The pictures are placed from my Mother's photo album books. If anyone has a picture that should be updated then please send it to me so I may update the picture. Please send me an e-mail at

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