Here are some Pictures and Events from our Family Reunion.

Our Family Reunion started in 1970 in the park in Golden Meadow, Louisiana.

It was based on our Grandfather Dan Ledet and the surrounding neighborhood.

Most of my Grandfather's children was reared in his yard or close by. His grandchildren grew up together and formed a close family relationship Also other cousins grew up next door to us. Even as the families grew up and moved out of the neighborhood we still always maintain a close family relationship. A relationship we all greatly admire and welcome.

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Here are some Reunion Pictures

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This Year we held our Family reunion on Saturday the Eve of Easter

April 11, 2009 Ledet Family Reunion

2009 Family Reunion Pictures

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Holden Kief & Mason Bourg wins the 2009 Horseshoe Tournament

March 22, 2008 Ledet Family Reunion

2008 Family Reunion Pictures

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Marty & Brian wins Horshoe Tournament

April 8, 2007 Ledet Family Reunion

IT was very Cold and Rainning so it was held indoors. Sorry no horseshoe or basketball and other events. Next year the weather will co-operate.

2007 Family Reunion Pictures

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Lee Ledet and David Boudoin

Win the covered Horseshoe Tournament

Ledet Family Reunion 2005
Jackie Ledet

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Andrew Fam look over Angelica Annie and Bears Annie's Blanket AnnieO. Takes a raffe#6E996
Andrew Fam look over .jpg         Angelica.jpg         Annie and Bears.jpg         Annie's Blanket.jpg         AnnieO. Takes a raffe6E996.jpg        
Audry & spouse Barbara & Friend BasketBall game Basketball Game2 Basketball Game3
Audry & spouse.jpg         Barbara & Friend.jpg         BasketBall game.jpg         Basketball Game2.jpg         Basketball Game3.jpg        
Claire,raleigh,Ivan,Joe Coonie Easter Egg Hunt Donald Dot take a raffel ticket Etta and Girls
Claire,raleigh,Ivan,Joe.jpg         Coonie Easter Egg Hunt.jpg         Donald.jpg         Dot take a raffel ticket.jpg         Etta and Girls.jpg        
Ledet Family Reunion
Joe Ledet

Cooney-&-fam-20041644 Don&DAN-2004-easter1641 Easter 20041656 Easter-20041649 Easter-20041650
Cooney-&-fam-20041644.jpg         Don&DAN-2004-easter1641.jpg         Easter 20041656.jpg         Easter-20041649.jpg         Easter-20041650.jpg        
Easter-20041651 Easter-20041652 Easter-20041653 Easter-20041655 Horseshoe winners20041657
Easter-20041651.jpg         Easter-20041652.jpg         Easter-20041653.jpg         Easter-20041655.jpg         Horseshoe winners20041657.jpg        
Luke-Orgeron1645 Mike-&-Fam-20041642 Robert-OrgeronEymard    
Luke-Orgeron1645.jpg         Mike-&-Fam-20041642.jpg         Robert-OrgeronEymard.jpg        


Easter 2003

Joe ledet
Becky,Phyl,Mary,Jen_0034 Bill& Vinis0035 Cooks Donie, Billy, _0040 Cooks-03-576 Coonie & Fly_0047 Daniel,Joe,Bill-0050
Becky,Phyl,Mary,... Bill& Vinis0035.jpg Cooks Donie, Bil... Cooks-03-576.jpg Coonie & Fly_004... Daniel,Joe,Bill-...
Davy & Wayne_0041 Dot Grandkids0033 Dot's &kids_0044 Easter egg hunt-03-602 Easter egg hunt-03-604 Easter egg hunt-03-605
Davy & Wayne_004... Dot Grandkids003... Dot's &kids_0044... Easter egg hunt-... Easter egg hunt-... Easter egg hunt-...
Easter egg hunt-03-606 George&Edna_0053 Horseshoe-03-583 Horseshoe-03-587 Horseshoe-03-612 Horseshoe-03-95
Easter egg hunt-... George&Edna_0053... Horseshoe-03-583... Horseshoe-03-587... Horseshoe-03-612... Horseshoe-03-95.jpg
Horseshoewatcher-03-588 Horseshoewatcher-03-593 Mary St.Pierre & Quinc_0043 Mike & vinis0039 Sybil & Cecil0037 Sybil,Cecil,Mary_0036
Horseshoewatcher... Horseshoewatcher... Mary St.Pierre &... Mike & vinis0039... Sybil & Cecil003... Sybil,Cecil,Mary...
Sybil,Twayne_0049 T Wayne & Joe_0038
Sybil,Twayne_004... T Wayne & Joe_00...


Easter 2002

Billy horshoe645 Easter2002 fam picnic 2002-1 fam picnic2002-3 Jenny& Paigepicnic 2002-2 LLoyd & Joe Horseshoe
Billy horshoe645... Easter2002.jpg fam picnic 2002-... fam picnic2002-3... Jenny& Paigepicn... LLoyd & Joe Hors...

Winner of Horseshoe Competition -

Stephanie Augeron & Wayne St.Pierre

Winner of Drawings

Adirondec Chairs - Steven & Mary St Pierre

Easter Plant - Quincy St Pierre

Easter Basket - Mike Ledet

Geneology Chart - John Ledet


Winner of Horseshoe competition - Danny Ougel Jr. & Joe St. Pierre Jr.

Winner of raffle Brian & Lavelle Chiasson


barbquee2001 cardgameE2001 Eating E2001 horseshoe2E2001 horseshoe3E2001 horseshoeE2001
barbquee2001.jpg cardgameE2001.jpg Eating E2001.jpg horseshoe2E2001.jpg horseshoe3E2001.jpg horseshoeE2001.jpg


Winner of Horseshoe competition -David Boudoin & Brian Chiasson


Winner of Horseshoe competition Billy Ledet & Lloyd Ledet


Winner of Horseshoe competition - David Boudoin & Brian Chiasson


Winner of Horseshoe competition - David Boudoin & Brian Chiasson


Winner of Horseshoe competition - Jeff Carpenter & Bill Charpenter


Winner of Horseshoe competition - Marty Kieff & Steve St. Pierre


Winner of Horseshoe competition - Marty Kieff & Steve St. Pierre


Winner of Horseshoe competition - Billy Ledet & Lloyd Ledet


Anne&Lorrine4/19/92-2 Bill&Tjim4/19/92- Doug&Brian4/19/92-2 horseshoe4/19/92 Lorrine&Marguerite4/19/92-2 Mallisa-stilts4/19/92
Anne & Lorrine Bill&Tjim .. Doug&Brian horseshoe . Lorrine&Margueri. Mallisa-stilts
Phy&Marguerite4/19/92-1 Raleigh-horshoes4/19/92-1 Ray & Phyllis4/19/92-2 Sybil&Stephanie4/19/92-1 Sybil4/19/92-3
Phy&Marguerite Raleigh-horshoes... Ray & Phyllis Sybil&Stephanie Sybil

Winner of Horseshoe competition - Marty Kieff & Lloyd Ledet



Winner of Horseshoe competition - Billy Ledet & Lloyd Ledet

Easter 1973

easter 73-2 easter73 velma easter73-4 easter73-5 easter73-6 Easter73-nsmith
easter 73-2.jpg easter73 velma.jpg easter73-4.jpg easter73-5.jpg easter73-6.jpg Easter73-nsmith.jpg